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Welcome! At Noelle's Studio 220, we have an ever growing number of fun classes and learning opportunities. Just click on the calendar button above for current selections.


General Class Descriptions:











We have an array of adult and kids classes that vary from month to month. Check out these general descriptions to see what you'd like best.


Paint Party!

Come get your "creativity on" with a step by step painting class that ANYone (with or without art skills) can do! Walk away with a ready to hang masterpiece. Enjoy fun, trendy pop music and a great atmosphere. (Don't forget to book your own private parties for birthdays and celebrations.)


Open Create

Got a project you need to finish but can't find the time? Bring it here with all your supplies, get in your zone and go! You get a half table (room to spread out) and use of "non-consumables" like paint brushes and easels. (If you need "consumables" like canvas and paint, you can purchase these items as well.) Reserve your place today for a chunk of productive, focused time.


Technique Twist

Ever wonder, how'd they do that? That's the question we break down and explore in the Technique Twist Class. Increase your skill and expand your knowledge. Walk away with something cool, and the ability to reuse these approaches on other projects!


Story-Time Art

Looking for a creative activity with your preschooler? Try Story Time Art where we enjoy a great children's book together, followed by a story-based creative activity!


Kids Paint Party

For ages 8 and up, this kids paint session is a step by step creation that they'll be proud of while increasing their artistic skill and knowledge base. (psst... they get all this education masked in a fun class!) 


Paint N' Praise Party (Faith-based)

This is our fun, faith based "paint party" where we play contemporary, Christian music! Artistic skills or not, you'll love this step by step painting class where you walk away with a finished, hang-able canvas you can be proud of. Enjoy a night out where you can openly "Paint N Praise". (Don't forget to book your own private events with your church small groups!)


The Art of Breakthrough (Faith-based)

The Art of Breakthrough is an "amped-up" creative journey of personal discovery using art with biblical principals. "Breaking through stuck", it infuses art therapy, spiritually powerful principals, and Noelle's own personal twist from her life experiences as a speaker and stage artist. 

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