Faith-based Classes

Churches, youth groups and ministries are often looking for fun things to do. Paint N Praise was created in response to that need. Artistic skills or not, you'll love this step by step painting class where you walk away with a finished canvas you can be proud of. Enjoy a night out where you can openly "Paint N Praise".

Paint N Praise Party

Bible Journaling

What is Bible Journaling anyway? For us, it looks like taking scripture verses and putting them in a journal page with color, passion, prayer and beauty. This is where we meet our Creator on the page in the process of creating! Ultimately your journal will become a treasured keepsake, and one you can pass down as an heirloom. We explore technique, texture, color and sooo much more! 

The Art of Breakthrough is a journey of discovery. Using the 14-step creative process of "breaking through stuck", it infuses art therapy, spiritually powerful principals, and Noelle's own personal twist as a certified life coach, and behavior analyst. This trademarked program written by Noelle will be released in January 2017.

The Art of Breakthrough

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